Partnership Opportunities

Palm Robotics is currently seeking active Partners/Franchisees located in MENA countries who will market, promote, and operate the remote sensing service in their territories. Partner responsibilities include drone operations and ensuring footage is captured according to protocol and uploaded, as a mosaic, to Palm Robotics’ server. The remainder of the processing, including report generation based on this imagery, will be completed by Palm Robotics.

The company’s precision agriculture platform is being marketed as a service to date palm plantation owners and operators – based on an annual subscription fee.

Advantages for Partners


This solution is the first of its kind and the only AI-based solution for the early detection of the red palm weevil in palm trees.

The technology is based on Palm Robotics’ unique, in-depth, proprietary knowledge and know-how, developed by the company’s world-class team of scientists.

This new technology for farming incorporates today’s most sophisticated approaches, including remote sensing, AI, machine learning, Big Data, and advanced statistical analysis.

This is an opportunity for Partners and Franchisees to build a long-term, profitable business – benefitting from significant ROI with a relatively low financial entry requirement.

Palm Robotics provides extensive training, continuous system updates, a dashboard to monitor users, high-quality customer support including reports to assist growers, global marketing and promotional activities, and guidance regarding the local market.

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