Palm Robotics is an innovative, agile, and technology-rich company whose mission is to enable farmers to grow healthier fruit trees and field crops through smart management methods and technologies that enable sustainable agriculture – maximizing their yields while minimizing their use of water, fertilizers, and insecticides.

At a conference related to the palm sector in 2019, there was a shared frustration among attendees about the inability to find a solution to the palm weevil and the damage it inflicts, despite attempting numerous methods such as visual inspection, pheromone traps, chemical detection, sound detection, and even police dogs. As a result, the challenge of detecting palm weevils early on became the impetus for our company’s idea as the palm tree is an essential resource in the Middle East, playing a vital role in both cultural practices and economic development.

The solutions are based on dedicated algorithms that were developed by the company and two patents were registered, one in Israel and the other in the United States.


The rapid growth of the world’s population has resulted in a continuously increasing demand for a wide range of edible agricultural products. Ensuring high yields from fruit trees, field crops and other vegetation is crucial to meeting this demand. However, high yields depend on healthy plants, and safeguarding plant health is no easy matter, due to the multiple causes of plant distress. Palm Robotics’ mission is to become a global leader in the prevention of food shortages by providing a revolutionary means of protecting food-producing trees and field crops around the world from the destructive diseases and pests that endanger them and to enable precision irrigation .