Utilizing drone technology to help you achieve your goals

Palmrobotix provides cutting-edge technological solutions for optimizing procedures and production in various fields, from agriculture to construction. We manufacture drones that are easy to use, highly efficient, and extremely cost-effective.

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Spraying Drones​

Whether you need to disinfect public spaces, dust tall trees, or apply pest-control to land crops, our spraying drones will do it much more precisely, quickly, and cost-effectively than the traditional methods

Infrared drones

Using infrared cameras, our drones can map agricultural fields and construction sites. Combined with special software, the drones provide up-to-date information and data about the mapped areas and identify problems like harmful pests in specific fields and trees, over or under watering of crops, and water leaks. This enables you to always be informed and solve problems immediately

GIS Mapping services

Palmrobotix builds GIS systems that utilize advanced technologies to help businesses and organizations in various fields manage their projects better. Our GIS services include mapping, data collection, and data analysis.

3D Mapping and simulating

Equipped with high-resolution cameras, our drones can map and simulate large areas with a precision of just a few centimeters, allowing you to analyze data, identify changes, and document information and progress over time

Aerial photography services

We provide high-resolution aerial photography services for construction and infrastructure projects to help you plan and execute them precisely and effectively

License and insurance

Palmrobotix LTD operates with a license from the Civil Aviation Authority and according to the relevant laws and regulations, while maintaining the security and well-being of our clients, employees and the general public